Thanks for the Memories Spring 2012

by: The Bus2alps Spring 2012 Staff

Well, we are sitting here in Florence not sure what to do since all of our friends left, and we could not help but to reflect on the past semester.  It seems like 3 days ago when the infamous New Yorker/ASU crew  was going to Interlaken in January, but hated the snow and the cold.  Thank goodness for Starbucks Coffee and the Zurich day trip.

This winter was cold for sure.  I knew we were in trouble when the water fountains by the Duomo froze over…and then there was that trip to Prague.  Even our walking tour guide had snow pants on.  The URI and Indiana girls were all there as we drank the beer that was cheaper than the water in the subzero (literally freezing temperatures), but still we had a blast in the fairytale city of Prague.  All I know is that URI, “really can’t wait for Lucerna tonight.”

The next thing we knew it was time for Spring Break and thankfully the Northern Loop bros had appropriate hats to wear for each city.  I’m not sure if the Parisians are over the colorful berets yet, or if any of us will ever recover from the Prague Pub Crawl.  I am going to miss the Marist camaraderie.  Where one Marist goes, they all go, and I think we all feel honored to have become part of the Marist family.

Before we knew what happened, we were at the beach, and I’m still mad at all the Roger William’s girls for trying to steal my Croatian white water rafting boyfriend.  Indiana and Marist boys wins the award for the best cliff jumping in Positano, and I will always appreciate the Penn State and Uconn girls ability to wear their highest heels out no matter the temperature or the street conditions.  I think all of the Bus2alps crew is going to have to take a trip to Keane State soon, as we have all become great friends.

This past spring has been one that none of us will be able to forget, and none of it would have been the same without you guys.  We have made memories that we will always remember, we are so happy that Bus2alps was able to show you all Europe.

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