Beat the heat, get to the beach

Summer study abroad sessions get the best weather, but if you’re not careful, you may be spending too much of your time in crowded piazzas with the sun beating down on your back and hoards of sweaty tourists or locals with no concern for personal space getting in your grill.  We know b

ack in the US it’s easy to beat the heat by bumping the AC to “Arctic Circle”, but here in Europe there’s a reluctance to use it at all.  Italians are actually paranoid of breathing in air conditioned rooms for too long, so most places aren’t even equipped with it (might be a wise idea to pack a small fan.)

The best cure for the Eurocity heat?  Europe’s beaches.  Mother nature provides, and in Europe she does it in style.  I love the Jersey shore as much as the next Garden State native, but medieval/ancient ruins as your backdrop to crystal clear blue waters is no comparison.  The famous mediterranean town of Positano on the Amalfi Coast is literally built into the cliffs.  If you’re worried about it being too classy, have no fear; Peroni big bottles and Heineken kegs are encouraged to help cool off.  If you’re trying to class it up, the French Riviera is not far away.  Hit the glam beaches in Nice and Antibes, then show off that tan in Monte Carlo with the rest of the perpetually bronzed high rollers.  Some history?  In 300 AD a Roman emperor leaves the throne for Croatia and builds a retirement palace on the beach, and people have been following his lead ever since.  Pop up to Cinque Terre and reward some hikes with a dip in the waters of the Italian Riviera, and if venturing to Spain, why not cruise out to Girona & Costa Brava for some secluded beaches and costal towns?  And if you’re serious about cooling off, then rappel down canyons in Switzerland and jump into some fresh alpine water.

Point is, Europe has great options for cooling off, and they’re all within your reach.  If you want some help beating the heat, just ask Bus2alps.  We have Dirk Nowitzki always on call for consulting work and game plans.

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