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By Jillian Giannelli

So, we’ve had a good run this past month.  With traveling to some of the best beach destinations in the world like Amalfi Coast, Croatia, and the French Riviera, we are all bronzed and have had our fair share of vitamin-D.  It’s easy to get down about the cooler weather moving in but we have to keep our heads held high!  After all, Europe offers much more than rocky beaches and crystal blue waters.

Fall is a fabulous time to study abroad because it never really gets unbearably cold.  Sure, there will be a chill in the air and you will need to throw on one of the 300 scarves you bought in the market but your lips will never turn blue.  I studied abroad in the Spring and I must say, I was shivering for most of it.  Anyway, I can tell you first hand that there are legit places to visit even when the air is a little fredo.

Now that you have gotten your beach destinations out of the way, it is time to really explore Europe’s greatest treasures.  It’s time to hit the big cities like Paris, Amsterdam, and London.    If you’re looking to save a buck or two and be a little adventurous, you’ll have to hit up Eastern Europe to explore Budapest and Prague.  If you are really having FOMO of the beach, there is even still time to hit up Greece!  Study abroad doesn’t end when the weather gets cold and with Fall Break right around the corner, you have time to squeeze it all in!

My favorite city that I visited during my semester abroad was Barcelona.  I went during my spring break when it still wasn’t warm enough to lay out on the beach, but just warm enough to enjoy all that Baca has to offer.  Check out the market, grab an iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts that you have been craving, and rage at a club on the beach till 7 AM.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.

So that takes care of the chilly season.  Now you’re probably wondering what you should do for the last few weeks of your study abroad experience when it does get borderline frigid.  Well stop asking questions, stop wondering, stop lollygagging, and plan your trips to Interlaken and Vienna & Salzburg!  Interlaken is like a winter wonderland fairytale and the Christmas Markets in Vienna & Salzburg are unreal.  Plus, the sound of music tour?  I mean…I’d sacrifice my left arm just to go on that tour.  So there you have it, Fall is fabulous in Europe and us lucky kids get to take full advantage.  So get on it and start planning the rest of your semester :)

As the weather gets cooler, you’ll stray from the beach scene and hit up the cities.  Bus2alps is a student travel agency that offers a variety of trips to all of the perfect Autumn destinations.  For more information, please visit our site here.

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