Fall In Love With Fall Breaks

By Stephanie Columbro

While recently sitting at a street side café in Berlin, I couldn’t help but notice leaves falling, cozy scarves and the smell of fall in the air. It made me realize how happy I am to finally be able to experience Europe during the brisk fall season. Of course, Bus2alps Fall breaks then came to mind, especially how amazing it will be to enjoy ten days exploring Europe’s incredible destinations during the beauty of this season.  No matter what Bus2alps trip you choose, you can’t go wrong.

If you’re clinging to those last rays of summer, our Greece Island Hopping is perfect. Discover the foundations of Western Civilization and the site of the first modern Olympic Games in Athens. Party like a true Greek in Corfu and dance the night away in your pink toga at the Pink Palace. Enjoy the best baklava know to man, while gazing over the white buildings with their blue roofs in the picturesque Santorini.

Maybe you long to seize a more unbeaten path on the Eastern Loop. The exotic cities of Budapest, Prague, Krakow and Ljubliana offer not only incredible architecture enriched with history, but also irresistible nightlife. Witness the glacial Lake Bled tucked into the Julian Alps. Be thrilled when you venture through underground caves of Budapest and then relax in the famous thermal baths. Lastly, indulge in the Bohemian way of life while strolling across the St.Charles Bridge in Prague.

Or, you could check some cities off your bucket on our Northern Loop trip. On this adventure you will be enjoying the beautiful cities of Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. Not only will you be able to drink Bavaraian beverages in Prague, you’ll also truly understand why it’s named “the fairy-tale city.” Follow it by learning the turmoil and hardship of what was once Berlin, and develop a new found appreciation for this up and coming hipster city. Become a local while biking around the narrow streets and canals of Amsterdam, then gaze up at the breathtaking Eiffel Tower and fall in love with the romance of Paris.

Whichever amazing trip sparks your interest, just know that the ten days you spend exploring these different cities will stay with you for a lifetime. This trip will truly be an eye opening experience that will help you learn about different cultures and lifestyles. All in the midst of leaves changing colors and Starbucks offering pumpkin lattes!

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