NEW Summer Break Trips

This is the biggest thing to hit Europe since the Beatles (other than every other great Bus2alps trip that was newly orchestrated, of course). Our brand new Summer Break Trips are up on our website! These tours will be 15 days long, and will take place in May and June. Be part of the next generation of travel.

This Summer 2012, we will have 2 Long Break Trips (1 city experience tour and 1 beach experience tour). Brace yourself for:

Mediterranean Island Hopping – 15 days of awesomeness taking you to the islands of  Santorini, Corfu, and Ios, the history of Athens, the beauty of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, and the culture of Rome.

Best of Western Europe – a 15 day journey into Western Europe’s top culture, food, sights and parties. Visit Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Nice, Monaco, Florence, and Rome.

Each tour is 15 days long and includes:

  • top-rated accommodation
  • ground transport
  • Bus2alps trip leader
  • Walking tours
  • some dinners, and all breakfasts
  • Exclusive discounts and VIP entrances/parties
  • Cheaper price than doing it on your own!

These trips are ideal if you are:

  • Graduating and need an escape before you join the corporate grind
  • Organizing a study abroad reunion, college reunion, a Frat/Sorority reunion, Real World/Road Rules Challenge Reunion, or really any reunion
  • Never had the chance to study abroad
  • Studying abroad and want to extend your experience
  • Have 2 weeks vacation and need an irresponsible break from the rat race
  • Just want to get to Europe because it is super cool

Because we are so excited about these trips, we are going to give the first people to book 10% off. Use gift code SUMMER for your discount.

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