Sipping Pure Freshness

By Becca Pilolla

The most refreshing beverage your taste buds will endure after a hike uphill to the top of Capri, is a nice cool granita.  More delicious than any Slurpee at 7 Eleven in the States can bring to you!  A nice fresh blend of lemon mixed with ice to create a wonderful cool crisp drink.  Have it made special with fresh squeezed OJ on top adds to that extra satisfying sip.  You’ll want to go back for seconds!  As for that sweat you have dripping down your face, it will disappear the minute a Granita touches your lips; it’s that good.

And after a long day of hiking, work, fun, or sight seeing, a granita just might not cut it.  And sometimes, you need to hit the night like every other Italian out there.  A beer at aperativo, a glass, or three, of wine at dinner, and then a flute filled with limoncello after will have all your taste buds satisfied.  It can be as clear as a shot of alcoholic lemonade, or maybe a creamier version, like sipping a lemon Bailey’s.  Some even need a break from the lemon taste all together and go for some meloncello instead.  Either way you’re sure to get a nice finishing taste in your mouth after your dinner and drinks.  It’s very refreshing and willing to wake you up, and get you ready for the rest of your night.  After dinner, sit relax, and sip some of Italy’s finest liqeuer.  Cleanse your palate, and get a little drinking courage in you so you’re ready to hit that dance floor of the next disco you see.

Want your fill of granitas and limoncello?  Join Bus2alps for a weekend in the Amalfi Coast to refresh with a granita and enjoy limoncello tastings in Capri.  To see when our next Amalfi Coast trip is, please look here.

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