Quiz: Where should you go before the end of your Fall Semester abroad?

Fall is in full swing, and winter is just around the corner. The leaves are already changing color, and colder weather is sweeping in. It’s time to throw on a scarf and pack your bags for a new weekend trip abroad.

You might have gone river rafting in Croatia, cruised along the Amalfi Coast, or island hopped in Greece, but now it’s time to swap the bathing suit for a beanie and a warm cup of mulled wine as we celebrate everything this season has to offer on three unique weekend trips.

Take our quiz to find out which trip is right for you. Then, scroll down to learn more!

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Did your eyes light up at the mention of snow? Your heart race as you imagined the rush of skydiving or paragliding in Interlaken? Did you feel all warm and toasty picturing yourself strolling along the holiday markets in Budapest? Was your mouth watering at the foodie paradise that is Prague (especially when you’re missing Thanksgiving)?

Then you deserve to see it ALL.

Here is the list of the best dates to book if you want to fit all three weekends into your study abroad semester.

Prague Weekend 11/14 (Now get 50 euros off!)

Budapest, Vienna, Austria Weekend Weekend 11/21

Interlaken Weekend 12/5 (And if your worried about finals, you can always do 11/28)

This could be the last trip of your study abroad semester so why not cherish this special time abroad and fill it with unforgettable memories with the new friends you’ve met along the way?

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