By Leah Webster

My love for Prague is impossible to put into words, and I know that I’m not alone. After just finishing the Northern Loop with Bus2alps and stopping in four amazing cities: Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris, I asked many of the students what their favorite city was.  The majority of the students answered, “Prague.”

Everyone loves Prague for different reasons. For me, it is an overall feeling when you are there that makes you feel like you have stepped back into a medieval time. From Wencelslas Square through the Old Town square, past the Astronomical clock, over the Charles Bridge and up to the Castle-  these are just some of the structural aspects, but Prague is so much more.

When asked why I studied abroad in Prague, or why I loved it so much, I don’t really have a simple answer, but there are many little things that I can attribute it to:

Fried Cheese- also known as Smazy Smer, it goes for about 35 crowns which is a little more than a Euro. Though it might sound gross or just strange, it is absolutely delicious, especially after a late night of dancing at Lucerna.

Lucerna is hands down the best club in Europe. It plays 80s and 90s music all night and streams the music videos on an extra large screen over the stage that welcomes guests to stand above the crowds and dance the night away.

Czech food, though different than most are used to, is absolutely delicious. I grew surprisingly found of the traditional Czech cuisine of Goulash and dumplings. Aside from the traditional food, Bohemian Bagel bagels and Starbucks coffee made me feel right at home while I was studying abroad.

When in Prague one must drink beer, not only because it is cheaper than water but because the Czech essentially created good beer in the little town of Pilsen. You will never taste beer like the beer in Prague. Pilsner Urquelll is my go to when out, but if you get the chance to eat at one of the micro brewery’s like Ufleku you’ll never be able to taste beer the same way again.

I can try and explain to you the numerous aspects of Prague that make it my favorite place on earth, but its just something you have to experience because no words or even pictures can come close to depicting how amazing Prague really is.

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