Bus2alps Election Day Sale

Everyone get amped cause tomorrow’s the day
You can get Bus2Alps trips on sale for a getaway!
Ten, fifteen, twenty, and fifty percent off
It’s first come, first serve, but don’t be put-off!
Prague, Interlaken, and Ireland you’ll adore

If you get there quick, you’re more likely to score.
Good luck to all with our Election Day Sale
Discount codes will soon be unveiled ūüôā
The¬†Bus2alps Election Day Sale kicks off tomorrow. ¬†Be on the lookout for Bus2alps representatives’ Facebook status updates and Facebook groups for discount codes that will allow you to save 10%, 15%, 20% and 50% on all Fall trips. ¬†Discounted spots are limited and it is first come, first serve. ¬†Woo hoo! ¬†Get ready!

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