Post Fall Break Travels

Fall Break is over and with it any long length of time to explore the countries surrounding you. Oh wait, that is not true!  All Saint’s Day is upon us, holiday not known to many students besides an extra day off school to be used to travel. In actuality All Saint’s Day is the day in Western Christianity where all saints known and unknown are honored. Regardless of whether you value its history or not a long weekend is upon us!

The semester is creeping to a close and with that we think traveling to Christmas markets and the Alps but that is not the case. All Saint’s Day gave us the chance to offer Greece Long Weekend. This 5 day trip lets you visit the island of Corfu and soak up the last rays of the beach season.

If you do want to see other magnificent cities of Europe skipping the blistering heat and long tourist lines now is the time to go. We have upcoming trips to Budapest & Vienna and more. Many upcoming trips make it possible to visit two of these cities in one weekend. Visit Budapest & Vienna or Vienna & Salzburg absorbing the unique cultures of these cities.

We also cannot forget about how cheap it can be to fly within the European Union. Ask your favorite Bus2Alps employee the best sites to check out for the cheapest prices. We have great Fly-In trips to Ireland, Paris and Barcelona coming up. Just hop on a plane or train meet us in the city and we take care of the rest. Bringing you around and stuffing enough into the trip you will feel like you were there for a week.

So as this weekend is coming up think about the significance of All Saint’s Day but most of all take advantage of your time in Europe. Soon you will be boarding your flight to the States and no one wants to be thinking “I should have visited…”.

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