Keeping you in the Northern Loop- Amsterdam

After leaving Berlin we traveled through the night to our next destination. Bright and early in the morning we rolled into Amsterdam. Gone are the historical facts about the Capital of Germany and in we come to the tolerant, liberal and beautiful country of The Netherlands.

We showered up, gorged on European style breakfast and started on our third walking tour. We were already filled to the brim with new tidbits of information but stories of Amsterdam’s long and rich history kept adding to the pile. We visited the Dutch East India Trading company headquarters, built in 1606. We walked over canals ridden by famous Dutch artists throughout thousands of years.

We learned of the resistance of the Dutch when the Nazi’s came to their country. We all ended our tours at one of Amsterdam’s can’t miss museums…the Anne Frank House. We saw the location she hid for years from the SS and bravely wrote her story for the world to learn from for years onward.

During the rest of our time in this bicycle filled city, people started exploring the other exciting venues Amsterdam has to offer. Some went to the Heineken Factory and learned and tasted the different steps it takes to make Holland’s notable brew. Others went to the famous “I AMsterdam” sign and climbed the letters, hopefully one of your initials. Those interested in art visited the Van Gogh Museum and viewed some of his greatest works.

While there are so many amazing places to visit we can’t forget what else this city has to offer, delicious street snacks. Waffles, Mini-Pancakes, Sausages, Cheese-Makers, French Fries stands and more litter each and every windy street. We were even lucky enough to be in Amsterdam right as a brightly lit carnival filled Dam Square, the center of the city.

Bus2alps leaves Amsterdam again bright and early for the City of Lights, Paris with a better understanding of Amsterdam besides its more well known illustrious and scandalous stereotypes.

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