The Top 12 Items You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without The Perfect Fall Abroad

You’re already at the airport and racking your brain for what you forgot in the midst of packing…sound familiar? We’re here to help.

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1. Rainboots & Jacket

Your first few months abroad will be filled with weather of all kinds, and there’s no better way to brave the rain and snow than with dry, toasty feet.

2. Neck Pillow

Between jetlag, traveling every weekend, and “studying” late into the night, Europe makes you an expert napper. These neck pillows will become your portable bed and lifesaver.

3. Adapters

You can never have too many of these. Skip the big converters and just stock up on the simple adapters.

4. Tobasco

For those who love to spice up their food, you’ll be hard-pressed to find your trusty Tobasco bottle on this side of the Atlantic.

5. Pocket External Charger

While making your friends back home jealous with your constant stream of Instagrams and Snapchats, your phone will die quicker than you ever imagined. Don’t get caught at a killer view with no way to snap it!

6. Tide-to-Go Pen

We’re in the land of 3 hour dinners, spaghetti on the reg, and flowing red wine. AKA, the land of spillage.

7. Mac ‘n Cheese

You’ll be exposed to the best cheese in the world, but after a month you’ll get that itch for a taste of home.

8. Beard Trimmer

No better time to try out that European scruff look. But better bring your own as these guys are a little pricey for that student budget.

9. Deodorant

If you have your favorite brand of deodorant, good luck finding it over here, especially for you choosey gentlemen.

10. Gum

Even if you’re lucky enough to come across your favorite brands, it just doesn’t have the same savory flavor and chewable quality like it does back home.

11. Peanut Butter

All things peanut butter. It exists over here but in the smallest, most expensive form.

12. Winter Hat

You’re only in Europe for 5 months, so don’t let the cold and wind stop you from exploring! Make sure to come winter ready.

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