4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Braving The Canyon Swing

It’s difficult to describe the feeling you get hovering 300 feet above ground. Add in the fact that you’re about to leap right off a cliff, and the thrill is incomparable. Harness still secure? Check. Rope sturdily attached to their carabiners? Check. Would you have the nerve to jump, or would the sight of the narrow canyon walls below make you bow out and have to face your friends who already went for it? Here’s a checklist to see if you’re brave enough to face the world’s scariest activity: the ultimate canyon swing

1. are you a bit of a showoff?

Were you the athlete in school who would get sidelined for showboating? Is any request following the phrase, “Bet you won’t…” enough to convince you to do just about anything?  If so, why not really show the world what you’re capable of by swinging right into a canyon gorge? Nothing can top it, so if you’re short a couple bragging stories for the boys back home, then don’t think twice and take that dive.

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2. are you an adrenaline junkie?

If in the face of fear, you allow yourself to embrace the free fall, open your eyes and find that any scare has been replaced with complete euphoria. Nothing gets your blood pumping and your heart pounding like a great thrill, so the canyon swing is a perfect choice for you. After all, is there really a better compliment to an incredible landscape than when it’s combined with a pure sense of conquest?   

3. are you looking to spice up your insta game?

We get it: you’re living in Italy, Spain or France. You’re eating and drinking super well, and you’ve visited a million beautiful churches. They’re nice, don’t get me wrong, but there are only so many cute pictures you can take and punny captions you can write about your wine Wednesdays. Shock your followers with something new. Nothing like watching those likes just rack up, and after all, you look like a natural (just warn your mom before she scrolls that day, please).

4. are you looking for the ultimate story?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all my experiences overseas, it’s that friends made abroad are friends forever, especially when you all can share a bunch of crazy memories and stories. Take a squad pic in your gear afterwards, grab a round of beers and laugh about whoever you all know was crying on the way down (as much as they deny it, of course).