#nowyouknow UK Celtic Loop

Massive hills, plunging cliffs and bustling metropoli, the Celtic Loop seems to roll right off of legendary film strips. These destinations have set the scene for countless films and have birthed some of the most remarkable staples in popular culture like Harry Potter and Guinness beer.


1) The Queen of England is super old. As reigning royalty, she’s seen 11 U.S. presidents occupy and leave the Oval Office.
2) London has set the scene for Harry Potter, James Bond and countless cinematic legends and is the third busiest film production city with over 14,000 shooting days.
3) London based best-selling artists like Adele and Coldplay account for a large percentage of the music industry’s profit, gaining more than $3 billion in worldwide sales last year.
4) Scotland’s Edinburgh is the second most popular European tourist destination behind London.
5) J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book in an Edinburgh cafe. Surely, the magic still lingers.
6) The Edinburgh Castle is built upon an extinct volcano.
7) The Titanic was built in Belfast. In retrospect, someone really dropped the ball on that one.
8) Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” was first played live in Belfast. And so, the rock legend began.
9) Dublin is the home of Guinness beer. Over 10 million glasses of the famous brew are produced daily all around the world!
10) Vikings ruled Dublin for almost 300 years. And if you don’t already know, Vikings were pretty nuts”

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