Halloween in Italy, a time for innovation

The weather is getting a bit chillier and the yearning to gut a pumpkin lingers in the air. It’s obviously time to dress as something scary or scandalous and eat a ton of sugar. Students studying abroad may be nervous that their Halloween traditions may be in danger. Fear not, the Celtic holiday is in full force in abroad cities with large American student populations. Because why would we sit this one out? Halloween is dope. Here’s what you have to look forward to.

  • Food

The best part of any holiday is the food and Halloween is particularly fun to dress up your drinks and snacks. So, get in the spookiest mood possible by making yourself a Bloody Rum Punch or a Corpse Survivor!


  • Costumes

You’re gonna have to roll up your sleeves and DIY your costume this year so use the God-given gift of Google to lend a helping hand. There won’t be a plethora of discount costume stores like in America. You’re going to have to really want to be a hot zombie or a scantly clad school girl this year. These will be exciting times and can show just how creative your new friends can be.


Although Halloween isn’t an Italian holiday, let’s face it, you’re surrounded by Americans and you won’t look like a freak if you go out to the bar in a costume that night. If you’ll be traveling during Halloween, make sure to  dress in theme like a Greek god for a Greece Long Weekend.

  • Walking tours

Get creeped out by your abroad city. It’ll be awesome to sign up for a haunted tour of Florence to explore ancient prisons, ghost stories and spooky allies in your home abroad.ancient prisons, medieval ghosts. Or how about hearing of the less romantic side of Roma? Less amore and accordion playing and and more-so sinister executions.


And so, your Halloween celebration won’t necessarily be handed to you like candy this year. It’s all about having fun with fellow spooky fans and make your own fun. Have a DIY costume contest with your friends and brew some dangerously delicious concoctions. Whatever you do, don’t be a quitter, have a blast!

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