Maddi Takes Amalfi: Positano

By Maddi Mobley

Saturday got off to a slow start for our crew including Steve almost missing the bus. We took a private bus to Positano but when we got there, we had to stop at the top and walk down because the amount of cars, in this miniature town, is very regulated.

We weaved through the hill town for about 15 minutes until we reached the bottom. The actual town of Positano is very quaint with specialty shops all around. Some pathways are only two people wide!

The Bus2Alps group was split in to two due to where we were staying so that everyone wasn’t cliff jumping or cave swimming all at the same time. We were in the first group so we basically got settled on the beach, took a quick dip in the water and then hopped on a boat for our adventure of the day.

Normally, I am a huge wuss when it comes to heights but I kept repeating the phrase, “When in Rome… or elsewhere in Italy” so I hopped off the boat and into the water toward the cliff. The cliff was not too big, they said it was about 25ft high. I was a little disappointed but that is coming from someone safe on the ground. We jumped a couple times off different points and then went a little farther down the coast to go cave swimming.

Both of these events make the day so unique and made for some awesome pictures (I am a sucker for good pictures.)


After this adventurous morning, we were STARVING. Little did I know I was about to have the best Panino I have ever had in my whole life. I am not exaggerating because I still dream about it to this day. I have been on a panini hunt in Florence (which I will dedicate a whole blog to later) but I have yet to find one as good. If you ever find yourself in Positano, treat your taste buds to Vini e Panini. No joke, I would fly back there just for this sandwich.

We ate our sandwiches and hung out on the beach for the rest of the day. It was extremely relaxing.


At around 4 we headed back to Sorrento. The night was for us to decide so instead of going with the whole group we thought we would go out on our own. A huge benefit of going with Bus2Alps to dinner is the discount they get for bringing such a big group. Sorrento is not a cheep place and we figured that out once we went out alone. I had one of the most memorable nights that night. Our entire group ended up hanging out for hours on a pier in Sorrento just telling stories and cracking jokes overlooking the water and checking out Mt. Vesuvius in the distance. It was a great way to just live in the moment and I really appreciated that night now that I can look back. It will be one of the ones I cherish the most because we really got to know each other.

We headed to bed as soon as we got back because we had Pompeii in the morning!

Maddi Mobley is going to be a junior at UCLA. She is on the softball team and is studying Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations. She is in Florence with Lorenzo de Medici taking a cooking class on the Food of Italy.  She loves writing and aspires to travel and create a travel blog for a year or two after college. Read more posts by Maddi here.  You can also follow her on Twitter, @mmobley.

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