Maddi Takes Amalfi: Capri

By Maddi Mobley

No amount of words will ever describe the weekend I had at the Amalfi Coast but I am always up for a good challenge.

I had so much fun in Cinque Terre with Bus2Alps that I had to go on another trip with them. They told me that Amalfi was one of the best trips they had and all of their favorites so I felt the need to sign up for it. After a busy first weekend, I didn’t want any of the fun to stop.  I had just finished my first week in school and didn’t believe my time in Italy could get much better, but then the weekend began…

Geography Lesson: Those that aren’t aware of the Geography of Italy, Florence is closer to the North, Rome is about in the middle and the Amalfi Coast is located at about the ankle in the boot shape of the country. Basically, we had a 7 hour drive ahead of us.

When we arrived we walked into our hotel.  This was my first experience in an Italian hotel and it was tiny! I was about get real cuddly with my roommates for the weekend. Good thing we spent virtually no time in our room the entire time we were there.


CAPRI: The first day we went to Capri. It is pronounced CAH-pree for those of you who have never been there. We had to be at breakfast by 6:50am which was essentially death. Dan (our tour guide) promised it would be worth it but at the time I was not a happy camper. We boarded a ferry and immediately I realized that the beauty of being on the water that early in the morning is something indescribable. Touché Dan.

The ride to Capri seemed like it took about 30 minutes, but I have no idea since I was just staring in amazement the whole time at the coast around me.

Once we got there, we hopped on boats and headed out to the Blue Grotto or Grottoa Azzurra (to the locals.) These little row boats pull up to the side of our boat and I leaned over and (aggressively) made the first deal so my group of 5 could get on and go swimming inside. We hopped on the first boat and we were the first group of the day inside the grotto!

The hole to get into the grotto is so small that you don’t think the boat that you are in will make it in. Everyone in the boat lies down in order to fit through because the current keeps rising and falling. The rower pulls us in on a chain attached to the cave wall and just like that we were in! The grotto is unlike anything I have seen in my whole life. It glows blue but not a blue you could ever replicate in a color. I attempted to take a picture but nothing seems to do it the justice it deserves.

History Note: The Grotto was used as King Tiberius’ private swimming pool. He was apparently notorious for crazy activities and spent his last 10 years of life living on Capri. Must be nice, right?

After we finished with the grotto, we hopped back on the boat and took a tour of the island. Seeing this gorgeous island from the water makes me realize how beautiful it is as a whole and not just one section. It would be perfect to rent a house on the hill overlooking the water without a care in the world. I get it now. Well our journey continued and we saw the yachts… everywhere, and the famous love rocks. If you go under them and kiss someone it is supposed to mean eternal love (I kissed myself, does that count?)


After the tour of the island was done, we took the tram to the actual town of Capri where there is lots of shopping (VERY expensive shopping), an amazing view and the most delicious juice I have ever had. It was like fresh squeezed orange and lemon put together but like nothing I had ever had. We drank it overlooking Marina Grande and the whole port and it was gorgeous.

After our pit stop, we all got in buses and took a ride up to Anacapri which is at the top of the mountain. Anacapri is home to the sandal man. The sandal man is apparently a legendary sandal maker. Jackie O even bought sandals from him which boosted his reputation. In his shop there is Limoncello and Chocolate tastings which were both delicious. Even chocolates filled with Limoncello!

After lunch we decided to take the chairlift up to the top of Anacapri. It is this single person chairlift that takes about 12 minutes to get to the top with 360 views of the island. At the top you are so high that you are basically in the clouds. At the time we went, we were standing in a cloud. At the top there is a restaurant and you can see both sides of the island. We saw the rocks again that we boated by and attempted to take pictures when the clouds would blow over.

After we were done, we took the chairlift back down, we got in a convertible taxi and rode it all the way down to Marina Grande (which means we left Anacapri, passed Capri town and headed to the beach.) It was a perfect end to our time in Capri. I think I must have sat in the water for like 3 hours straight. I can think of nothing more peaceful. The beaches here are not like beaches in California, they are rock and have huge rocks to lay on inside the water. Laying out isn’t so nice but sitting on a rock in the water was the place to be.

We spent 3 hours there and then took the ferry back to Sorrento. Bus2Alps had planned dinner and a night out so we decided to join them. We went to dinner and they told me to get the Pizza because it originated in this region and it was well worth it! After dinner we went to the English Room and they played throwbacks all night long. There is nothing better than dancing to throwbacks in another country, it unites everything and everyone.

Maddi Mobley is going to be a junior at UCLA. She is on the softball team and is studying Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations. She is in Florence with Lorenzo de Medici taking a cooking class on the Food of Italy.  She loves writing and aspires to travel and create a travel blog for a year or two after college. Read more posts by Maddi here.  You can also follow her on Twitter, @mmobley.

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