Locals We Love: Pino

Brining in students from around the world and local Florentines since 1991, Pino’s shop can’t be missed in Florence. This local welcomes everyone as family and ensures quality service every time you return. Serving local meats, vegetables, various pasta dishes, and his infamous mouth-watering panini’s, Pino’s is never a disappointment. We recently sat down with Pino himself so that we could try and get to know him a little bit better.


Where in Italy are you from?

I’m from Naples but I moved to Florence in 1986 and I’ve been living here ever since.

When did you start Salumeria Verdi (Pino’s)?

I opened my shop in 1991.

What’s your favorite sandwich?

My three favorite sandwiches are The Best, Sarchiapone, and Pinos of course.


What is the best part of your job?

The relationship I get to build with my customers as well as having the opportunity to show study abroad students my local Italian shop. I love being a part of students study abroad experience and having them come back to visit me in the future.

What is your favorite Florentine restaurant?

My favorite Florentine restaurant is Osteria Boccanegra. This is a great place for a delicious Florentine dish.

Where can someone find the best Florentine Gelato?

Il Gelato Gourmet di Marco Ottaviano.

Will you ever open up a shop in the States?

I will always have my shop in Florence, but it’s actually my daughter’s dream to open a shop in the States. She’s traveling to the U.S. this summer to scope out various locations for a future shop in Ohio.

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