It’s Oktoberfest Season!

This weekend kicks off the start to Oktoberfest!  Everyone is getting excited and can’t wait to experience THE party of a lifetime.  Since YOOO (You Only Oktoberfest Once),  the Bus2alps crew wanted to offer some handy tips on how to make the best of your time in Munich.

Alex says: It’s a marathon, not a race.  It is literally the best place to be in the world because everyone is having a good time, so my advice is to be friendly with everyone and have a good time.

Tena Says: On the bus ride to Munich, sleep as much as you can….because on Friday you should get to the beer tents and rage all day. Take Saturday to take it easy and casually enjoy the festival. Sunday try slowing it down even more and visit Dachau, the local concentration camp, and take in the beautiful city of Munich with a bike tour.

Becca says: Not many quotes I can think of, but “Prost” is one.  I know a bunch more, but I can’t even spell or pronounce them correctly. I just remember them from being a student and all the chants last year!

Leah Says: Don’t commit to one tent, you will have fun and meet awesome people no matter which tent you are in, as long as you get in one and get a stein full of beer, your gonna have a good time.  Take some time to explore Munich, also check out the BMW museum and the olympic grounds they are worth it!

Jenny Says:  Eat the delicious food!  Food inside of the beer tents are more expensive than outside.  If you don’t want to lose your spot at a table and you have a massive appetite order the Schwienshaxen (pork knuckle) or the 1/2 Heindl which is literally a 1/2 chicken. If you want to save some coin I’d suggest getting a sausage or curry wurst from a vendor outside of the tents.

If you’re looking for more 411 on how to do Oktoberfest right, check out Jenny’s blog with more tips and an ideal itinerary.

It isn’t too late to join in on the Oktoberfest celebrations.  For more information on your booking options with Bus2alps, click here.

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