Play Famous For a Weekend

By Becca Pilolla

It’s like playing famous for a day, or three.  Be in France, and head to Monaco for the day, just another country; no big deal.  Relax on all the beautiful beaches of the Côte Azure.  Be like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston, and many of the other celebs that use the French Riviera for their weekend getaway.
It’s so easy to just hop over there while you’re over here in Europe.  You don’t need to be celeb status, or have the celeb wages to get your fix of the famous lifestyle.  Just a quick weekend getaway with Europe’s only award winning student travel agency, Bus2alps.
Spend time in the city of Nice.  Walk around the beautiful city; learn the history and the ins and outs.  Hike up to the top, and see all the blues the sea has to offer while you’re up there, they stretch out for miles and miles.  Check out some of the local pubs, especially Wayne’s bar, get a few drinks in you, and act like coyote ugly, and get up on the tables like the rest of the locals and dance the night away!
Don’t forget Éze.  A great perfumery awaits you, where you learn how they make that famous French perfume.  Walk through the factory, and then shop a little for your loved ones and your self!  There’s beautiful gardens to see as well on top of the hill this village rests on.
Home to Grace Kelly, Monte Carlo Casino, and the gorgeous yachts, Monaco has a lot to offer.  Walk around, look at all the expensive cars, walk along the marina, and make sure to roll the die in the Monte Carlo Casino.  Remember that breaking even is still better than losing!  Don’t get too discouraged too soon, and make sure you still leave with your shirt, wouldn’t want anyone to gamble it ALL away too soon.
Since you’re in the neighborhood, Antibes is one of the hot beach spots.  You know celebs come to the south of France, what you don’t know is they hit up Antibes before any where else.  The beaches are just too good to pass up.
Welcome to the celebrity getaway.  The most luxurious, famous, and relaxing weekend you will ever endure while you’re in Europe.  Play famous for a weekend and make sure you make it on this bus!

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