How To See Roma!

By Chelsea Colvin

Ciao! Rome can be overwhelming when you first arrive since it’s such a big city.  As a former study abroad student in this wonderful city I have some insider info that can help you see your city in a couple of days!

Day One

The best way to get all of your sight-seeing done is by hitting the ground running, let’s start with my favorite place in Rome: The Colosseum! You should get here early since the line can get pretty long to get inside, I recommend a tour as well-it’s so much cooler when you know what actually went on in this Roman amphitheater from 80 A.D. Just to give you a mental picture; gladiators fought here, chariot races went on, it could fit up to 50,00 people screaming and shouting during all of this.

I could look at the Colosseum all day!

So after you’ve had your fill of this incredible building it’s time to move on, from here I would walk towards Piazza Venezia. One of the biggest/busiest/and most beautiful piazzas in Rome. Snap some pictures here, soak it all in, then head down Via Del Corso. Ahhh, Via Del Corso.. it’s a girls dream let me tell you. Shopping, shopping and more shopping! Stroll along this busy street and pick up some things for your new Roman wardrobe. Hungry yet? I think so, it’s time for a little late lunch. Head towards the Spanish steps now.. there are tons of amazing restaurants in this area. Afterwards you’ll have plenty of time to sit on the Spanish steps and people watch lall the locals and tourists.. it really is incredible here. My favorite memories are when my roommates and I would bring a bottle of wine and just chill on the steps soaking up the sunshine. Ahhh, to be young again.

So day one has been pretty action packed, maybe you wanna go home and take a siesta, or start to get ready for a night out. Whatever you prefer- head to Campo De ‘Fiori for some nightlife or have a relaxing dinner in Trastevere, you can’t go wrong anywhere here.

Day Two

Even more big things today! Lets start off at The Pantheon, one of Ancient Rome’s great wonders, still today architects don’t know how this building was constructed. It’s amazing to think about the fact that the Ancient Romans can beat our intelligence today when it comes to this building. Anywho, the Pantheon is amazing, go inside, take tons of pictures, then grab a coffee at Tazza d’Oro for a little pick me up. From here I would head over to the Trevi Fountain! I absolutely love this fountain, sometimes it can be hectic with all of the tourists so if you have more time I highly recommend going back at night when its quiet and lit up-so beautiful.

I use my own photos in my to say I may have had a couple of glasses of vino before taking this, hence the angle. You get the point though! =)

So after you visit the fountain it’s time to head over to Piazza Navona and check out Bernini’s famous four rivers fountain and stroll around the Piazza. It is amazing. Maybe grab a drink somewhere in the piazza (it’s more expensive here but what you get to look at is worth it). After you’re done here walk over to Campo De ‘Fiori and check out the markets that go on everyday here. I took my mom here when she came to visit and she loved it! Jump on the tram headed to “Casaletto” after all of this and get lost in Trastevere, my favorite area of Rome. It makes you feel like you’re back in Ancient Rome with the cobblestone streets and old buildings. Check out Piazza Santa Maria and after that meters away is my favorite pizza place in Rome, “Dar Poeta” which amazingly enough my favorite dessert is also here- nutella and ricotta calzone.. tempt me not I will eat three of these in one sitting. SO. GOOD! You must go here.

My roommate and I chowing down on some calzones at Dar Poeta.. delish!

Day Three

You’ve covered the basics of Roma by now, pat yourself on the back because it is a lot! But the bread and butter of Roma is awaiting you.. Saint Peter’s Basilica and The Vatican!! I can’t stress enough to go on a tour of the Vatican and explore Saint Peter’s-the most amazing church in the world I think. The Vatican is massive and a tour could take a couple of hours but trust me it’s worth it. The Sistine Chapel.. don’t even get me started on how beautiful it is! I love walking through Saint Peter’s Square, I can’t help but be amazed everytime, it’s like I’m a little kid again.

There is still so much to explore in Rome- Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Cavour, Castel Sant’Angelo, The Forum, the list goes on and on. I’ve given you an awesome start and the main sites to see in a couple of days. Rome is a city where you can live here for months and still stumble into a new area or place you’ve never been. So when you find the time get out there and explore the Eternal City! Ciao!

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