How To Plan A Vacation So You Don’t Get Overloaded on Return

By Eric Thompson

This blog is a shout out to all you study abroad alum that are out in the workforce now and are looking to plan your next getaway.  Here is some handy advice on how to make sure your vacation is stress-free both while away and when you return.

A vacation can be a great opportunity to get away from the stress and anxiety of a workplace. However, it can be difficult to have a good vacation if one has lots of deadlines looming over one’s future. The following guide provides effective tips and tricks on how to plan for a vacation so one doesn’t get overloaded on return.

When going on a vacation, it’s a good idea to plan at least least two months in advance. This will give one plenty of time to take care of any large assignments before one leaves. If possible, try to make sure that there are no large assignments that need to be completed the week before or after a vacation. If a large assignment or project needs to be finished the week just before a vacation, a delay may require one to cancel his or her vacation. On the other hand, a deadline that falls right after a vacation may require one to cut his or her vacation short. By making sure that there are no assignment deadlines that fall near one’s vacation, it’s often possible to avoid these types of problems.

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