Getting That Home Fix

By Grace Graham

Being away from home is never easy. Whether family, certain foods, friends, or other niceties of home, there is always something to miss when traveling and studying abroad. In this modern world, it is now easier than ever to get that home fix without ending your adventure prematurely!

In many places around Europe, a Starbucks can be sought out. Italy exempted, Starbucks can offer a respite for students and travelers from the often stronger, more concentrated coffees popular throughout much of Europe. And, they can satisfy your ever-increasing NEED for a mocha, latte, macchiato, etc. At the end of the day, after spending months sipping espressos from your neighborhood bar, there is no “homier” feeling than sipping on a good old Starbucks coffee, even if it will cost you two to three times the price!

Thanksgiving is a particularly difficult time for a lot of students studying abroad since the initial excitement has worn off and missing holiday times with friends and family is never easy. Often times, the study abroad program or school tries to be sensitive to that and has an event of some sort.

As well as while enjoying time in your home city, there are opportunities to enjoy a unique Thanksgiving abroad while traveling on the weekend as well. You can come to our Bus2alps home in Interlaken, Switzerland and enjoy an awesome Thanksgiving meal with all of the staff and friends at Balmer’s in one of the most spectacular towns in the world!

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