Halloween Costume: European Style

By Jillian Giannelli

With Halloween right around the corner, many are a little confused as to how this tradition will take place while they are studying abroad in Europe. Well, let me give you a little insight. Yes, Halloween is still cool in Europe. Mostly in Ireland, but whatever, let’s embrace it. We’ve Americanized everything else about Europe already so what’s another holiday? However, I can assure you, your Snooki costume probably won’t be greatly appreciated. Afterall, they didn’t even like the real Snooki when she was living in Firenze. So now it’s time to get creative. Think Euro. I have come up with some nifty costumes that you can get away with in your own EuroAmerican world.

You can dress up as:

1.  A Greek God: You all know you had an amazing time wearing a toga at the Pink Palace in Corfu and you’re just dying to wrap yourself in a sheet one more time. Or, you had a momentary lapse of judgment, didn’t go to Greece, and had major FOMO of your friends dancing around and taking shots of Ouzo in their sexy Greek getup.

2.  William and Kate: If you want to be cheesy with your bestie, dress up as the royal couple. Everyone loves a good Will & Kate costume. And you can get it at like Zara or H&M. Easy.

3.  Bavarian Laborer: So I’m sure your parents were thrilled when you spent 100 euro on your lederhosen at Oktoberfest. Gotta love wearing something once and never touching it again. Well, this is your chance to make the most of it! If you wear it again on October 31 st, it was 100 euro well spent. Plus, it’s an excuse to rage like you did in Munich. Gotta get into character, right?

4.  Pinocchio: As you wander around the streets of Italy, it’s hard not to be hypnotized by all the Pinocchio and Geppetto trinkets. Stand outside his house in Florence and tourists will think you’re really him!

5.  The Eiffel Tower: Yes, the costume exists. I’m not making it up. Check it out here!

6.  The Pope: Everyone loves the Pope. And everyone will love you too. Keep it classy and respectful. And don’t pull a EuroTrip move and accidentally declare yourself the new Pope. As long as you don’t walk around swinging the cross in the air, I think it would be appropriate.

7.  Gypsy: Instead of walking around begging for money, go around to different bars asking for shots. “Help me, I’m poor.” You never know, it could work.

8.  Flamenco Dancer: Sexy and cultural. Legit. Maybe learn a few moves before Halloween and dance through the cobblestone streets.

9.  Carnivale Costume: So technically, Carnivale is like the Halloween of Europe. But since that takes place during Spring semester, I think it would be okay to celebrate a little early. Buy a mask from the market for 3 euro and pretend it’s February.

Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! Oh and, Bus2Alps loves candy if you wanna drop some by the office 😉

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