Fall Frenzy Sale

The Bus2alps Fall Frenzy Sale is upon us. The fate of the rest of your semester begins at 10:00 CET Wednesday night when Bus2alps will provide you with a 3 hour window of opportunity to book select tours from Florence, Rome, Barcelona and Prague for up to 50% off and all Fly-In trips for 20 euro off.
We’ll even let you use Gift Codes on any discounted trips so you can save an additional 5%, 10%, or 12% depending on how many trips you book at a time. Just get in contact with any Bus2alps crew member for information about these additional savings.
This is the perfect chance to fill the rest of your semester with those once in a life time trips to places like Morocco, Ireland, Istanbul and Southern Spain so don’t be the one to miss out!
And remember to like us on Facebook to enter the Bus2alps Getaway Giveaway Sweepstakes and become eligible for tomorrow’s 500 euro voucher giveaway that can be used towards any of our discounted trips.

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