Just Some Advice…

Even though you are all pro’s at being study abroad students by now, it doesn’t hurt to hear some little reminders on great advice to take while livin’ it up overseas.  The Bus2alps staff felt like getting a little mushy and sharing with you some mantras to live by over the next few months.

Take the road less traveled and travel wherever you want-even if it is alone. My favorite trips were either alone or to places I thought I would never go. Do yourself a favor and spend your money the way you want to spend it, not necessarily how everyone else is spending it 🙂 –Tena

Taste all the local foods, and what that place is known for.  Even the most exotic ones! ~Becca

Living in another country is an amazing experience to say the least. Cultural stimulation and excitement await you around every corner. That is not to say it isn’t without inconveniences and stressors. Despite this, it is important to remember to relax when nothing makes sense and just go with the flow. Life is too good and too short to let the small stuff make you crazy! -Grace
Get to know know your own city and the parks and nearby towns that make it up. As a student I got claustrophobic in the city but I found release in going for a run in the nearby park, visiting the gardens up by the Prague castle or just heading out of the city to nearby towns to their local markets. Getting outside the city is a good change of pace but it also helps you understand the culture and see what local residents do outside of the city. ~Leah
Your world is only as big as you make it… – Tom
The best way to travel is with an open agenda and mind.  You never know who you’ll meet or where it will take you, whatever happens there’s always an adventure to be had! ~Jenny
You’re here for a good time not a long time. Travel and explore while you can without holding back because life is riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving. -Meghan

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