Don’t Make Me Leave!

By Tena Elman

No one wants to talk about it but we need to face it. Our semester abroad is coming to an end. This can’t be happening. Who would have thought these past 4 months would go so fast? We were just settling in to our respective unfamiliar countries and look what happened. We caught the travel bug early, forgot that we all were here to work and study, and now here we are- left with empty wallets, memories that will (not to be cliché) last a lifetime, and friends that turned in to family. After spending so much time out of the norm, our comfort zone, it is great to reflect on our recent past adventure.

Now by no means do I scrap book, make collages, or concoct anything cool for that matter, but I do keep my memories close to me. I used to have a habit of throwing things away… receipts, concert tickets, birthday cards, old printed photos that I looked ridiculous in. But after studying in Florence two years ago, my habits of throwing away my receipts and tiny memories have ceased.


From my visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, hiking Cinque Terre and my museum ticket to the Louvre, these were a few things to help me remember my times abroad. Aside from pictures, I saved post cards from every city I visited and kept memorable museum and entertainment tickets I collected over my stay.

Even though your crazy four month European excursion is over, there are so many things to look forward to. Dunkin Donuts, free refills, the US dollar, our cars, over 20 channels of television, home cooked meals and of course- family and best friends to name a few. I know that everyone has already planned in their heads what they want as their first meal. Or perhaps you’re going a step further and already asked your dad to bring you your favorite food to the airport? Just a suggestion.

While all of these things are wonderful to look forward to, appreciate your last few days in your city. Forget about your midterm tomorrow and just go for a last minute stroll to your favorite café or trattoria. Drink it all in because you’re going to miss it in a couple weeks.

And if you still can’t get over the fact that your life in Europe is no longer, it doesn’t have to stop there. Bus2alps knows about your travel bug and offers summer and spring break trips for you and your friends! Visit those countries you didn’t get a chance to make it to this semester. Continue to travel and don’t let it be over :)

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