Don’t Leave it to Chance: Why You Need Travel Insurance

You leave a lot to chance when you decide to move or travel to another country for any time period—and that’s part of the beauty. Skiing the trail less traveled in the Swiss Alps, taking the first train that comes your way from London to Oxford, booking a hotel and finding it has a canal view in Amsterdam, discovering the local open-air market around the corner from your new apartment in Florence? All benefits of exploring a new place.

But of course, there are some things that happen by chance while traveling or living abroad that you want to avoid. Those stories about the rampant pickpockets in Barcelona? Not false.

If you’re a current study abroad student or planning to move to Europe soon, you’ve probably considered, however briefly, the possibility of falling ill, getting injured, having your belongings stolen or lost, being forced to cancel a trip due to an emergency, or some other unfortunate circumstance outside your control.

While no one wants to think about having their iPhone stolen or being injured skiing the Alps, there are cases when this happens. And when it happens to you, the last thing you want to be is unprepared.

The key here is that these events are out of your control. Living in worry over their possibility won’t help anyone, but traveling smart by obtaining travel insurance will.

World Nomads Travel Insurance is one of the best options out there for young travelers. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and not only do they cover you for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, damaged or stolen goods, and more, they offer 24/7 Emergency Assistance. This means that if you do encounter one of these travel nuisances, you have trained professionals ready to direct you and help fix the situation so you can keep exploring.

We’re big believers in traveling free of worry, and knowing you have the proper insurance abroad is the best way to do that.  Ready to learn more?

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