24 Hours, 24 Pictures, 24 Things to Do in Prague

By Alicja Zak

1. Sample some local knedlíky

2. Take advantage of one of Europe’s cheapest places to buy beer
3. Don’t forget to have some Trdelnik for dessert, or as a midday snack

4. Enjoy some mulled wine at the Prague Castle with a beautiful view from above

4 4(2)
5. Sit by the river and enjoy a view of the swans with the Prague skyline in the background

6. Take a walk on the Charles Bridge and stop to listen to the street performers

6 6(1)
7. Don’t miss the Prague Astronomical clock at midday

8. After a night of partying be sure to eat some Smažený sýr (fried cheese)

9. Go to the top of the tower at the Old Town Hall for fantastic views of the Old Town square

9 9(2) 9(5)
10. Ride the tram for a taste of local life

11. Arrive by train if you want to check out the local countryside and the Hlavni Nadrazi train station

12. If you’re around during holiday season (Christmas and Easter) check out the markets in the Old Town square12(1)12(easter market) 12(3)
13. Enjoy Prague by night, especially in the summertime.

14. People watch in the Old Town Square

15. Take a walk down Wenceslas Square
16. Take a trip through the Lesser Quarter (Malá Strana), one of the city’s most historic regions.

16 16(1) 16(3)
17. Send a postcard to your closest friends
18. Check out the John Lennon Wall in the Lesser Quarter for some beautiful, constantly changing artwork.

18 18(1)
19. Head to the Kafka museum along the banks of the river

1919(2)20. Take a scenic river cruise
21. Escape the city for a few hours

22. Admire the beautiful mix of architectural styles


14(3) 22(1)
23. Get lost

24. Come to Prague with Bus2alps to see all of this and more!

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