Your Guide To The Ultimate Weekend In The Amalfi Coast

By Leah Doerner

It’s been a great season of skiing the slopes of the Swiss Alps and taking in enchanting views of the snow-capped rooftops of Prague, but who’s ready for beach season?!

Soon enough, it will be time to trade in the ski goggles for sunglasses and parkas for bikinis.

girls swimming in Amalfi Coast

The ultimate beach getaway during a semester abroad is the seaside towns of Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

Famous for colorful cliffside homes and brilliant blue water, Amalfi is the chosen escape for power couples Beyonce and Jay-Z, Jessica Biel and JT, and Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

If you’re ready to live the glamorous life and experience what Pinterest dreams are made of, follow this foolproof guide to a flawless weekend on the Amalfi Coast.

Set the Scene: A Playlist for Your Amalfi Coast Weekend

The best of days start with a killer playlist.

Check out these tunes to kick off the weekend on the right note and get those beachy vibes rolling. Be sure to have a full charge on your phone for a full day of tunes, and don’t forget the headphones or portable speaker:

  1. Roses – The Chainsmokers
  2. Stay – Kygo
  3. Take Me – Rufus
  4. Closer to the Sun – Slightly Stoopid
  5. Summer – Calvin Harris
  6. Sour Patch Kids – Bryce Vine
  7. Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles
  8. Bootleg Rascal – Sticky Fingers
  9. Once in Awhile – Timeflies

What to Pack for the Amalfi Coast

Any successful getaway starts with packing all of the essentials.

Packing lightly is key, and with these trips, you’ll still be fully equipped with everything you need. For Amalfi, the look is carefree and cute, and here’s how to achieve it:

Comfortable Walking Shoes. Wedges are cute, but not practical for long sets of stairs and walking. Opt instead for a strappy sandal that will stay on your feet, a comfortable flat or sneakers.

Bathing Suit. Obviously, you want to look your best in all of your beach pics. Pack a cute suit and a cover-up for strolling around town.

Water Bottle. No one wants to be dehydrated from basking in the sun all day. Stay hydrated to keep your skin looking fresh and your body healthy.

Inflatable Tube. Maybe pick this up on location, but an inflatable float is a relaxing way to enjoy a day floating in the sea.

Sunscreen. We’re aiming for a sunkissed glow, girls, not wrinkles.

Sunglasses. Because no one wants to be squinting all day.

What to Eat in Amalfi

Sampling the specialty dishes of any area guarantees that you will have the freshest ingredients and the best flavors.

Granita. Only a cup filled with the cool, refreshing deliciousness of fresh oranges (and a splash of vodka if you so choose).

Pizza. Located near Naples, the birthplace of pizza, southern Italy knows what’s up.

Lemon. Amalfi coast has the biggest lemons I have ever seen. Enjoy this fresh citrus in drinks, chocolates and especially the famous limoncello.


Seafood. Of course, tiny oceanfront towns thrive on fishing. So take this opportunity to taste some of the freshest seafood around, fried calamari anyone?!

Souvenirs to Seek Out

Capri Sandals. Custom leather sandals made to fit your foot and designed exactly how you’d like them. These are sure to be the envy of all your friends back home.

Limoncello. Savor the flavor of the sun by bringing home a bottle of limoncello to remind you of better days during the cold winter months.

Cameo Jewelry. Rings and pendants carved from shells in the area, cameos are an Italian classic and a must-have addition to commemorate your time by the beach.


Amalfi Coast Photo Ops

Pics or it didn’t happen, amirite? These are the must hit spots for photos while in Amalfi.

In front of Positano. A snapshot worthy of a postcard, don’t miss out on the classic shot with the cliffside homes in the background.

Ruins of Pompeii. Nothing says “I’m cultured” like posed photos in the ruins of a volcanic eruption.


The top of Anacapri. The prettiest view from the island comes from taking a single-seat chair lift to the top of the mountain. Get ready for an expansive view of bright blue seas and stunning coastline.

Get ready for the best beach weekend on the Amalfi Coast and let the stress melt away as you close out your semester with a full dose of sun and sea.

The tan may fade, but the memories will live on forever.

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