Why Going To Venice Carnevale Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

The Venice Carnevale is renowned as one of Europe’s grandest, most opulent parties – how could you pass that up? Walking around Venice any other time of the year it feels as though the locals are already preparing for Venice Carnevale with hundreds of mask shops, party attire, and props to get you into costume.

Why is there a Carnevale?

The Venice Carnevale has been running for an eternity and basically began as a way to blur the boundaries of class.  It provided everyone with a chance to let their hair down, regardless of their social status and all manner of Europeans flocked here to get their party on.

Centuries on the basic hedonistic premise of the Carnevale remains unchanged and masquerading in elegant masks is still a requirement.

What’s it like?

With thumping music and mysterious party goers Venice Carnevale has proved too alluring.  Others opt to gradually work their way into the madness, starting out with a relaxed lunch on the glass blowing island of Murano.

Island of Murano

Those who make the trek to the other island of Burano are not disappointed.  The quaint colorful houses and winding canals provide stunning photo opportunities and it feels like stepping back in time. 

Once the sun begins to set, it’s time for the main party.  By now the festa has gotten into full swing and DJs, rock bands and buskers magically materialize in every piazza.  Walk through the scenic Venice streets, while dancing and refueling at the many pubs on offer.

Go to Venice Carnevale and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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