Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Europe

By Leah Doerner

Whether you’re coupled up with your high school sweetheart or flying solo with your gal pals, Europe offers plenty of romance to go around. Embrace the season of love by indulging in the holiday with a European flair. These Valentine’s classics are sure to help you feel the love, whether it’s with a special someone or just deepening your newfound love affair with your European home.

image04Flower Shops

Girls love flowers, it’s just a fact. And Europeans curate the cutest little floral shops ever. In France, fresh cut flowers can be found on nearly every corner, but these shops are abundant in other areas as well. Drop a hint for your beau next time you stroll by or surprise a friend with a few stems just because.

Wine by the Water

Whether it’s the Arno in Florence, the Seine in Paris, or the Vltava in Prague, grab a bottle of wine and head down to the river to sip some vino under the twinkle of evening lights. It’s sure to provide some lovely views and an intimate moment for conversation and laughter. Cheers!


Traditional Gifts

Step up your typical gift giving routine with a classic token of affection from wherever you may be visiting. Pick up a Lebkuchen, or gingerbread heart, while in Germany, authentic Swiss chocolates in Switzerland, or splurge for a special jewelry purchase on the Ponte Vecchio.

Romantic Landmarks

Pop culture has anchored a number of European locations as romantic getaways. If you’re hoping for some good luck and superstar treatment like Lizzie, make a wish in the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Maybe you seek relationship advice and wish to write a letter to Juliet at her home in Verona. Or perhaps you and your sweetheart are ready to begin your happily ever after and are in the market for a castle. Pay a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany to see the inspiration behind Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World.

image06Fine Dining

Take a quick break from your carefully calculated budget to treat yourself to a fantastic meal. Choose the pricey restaurant you’ve been eyeing all semester, the local spot with the best views or a swanky rooftop bar. Nothing beats enjoying good company over a delicious meal.


Love Locks

Declare your love with a public display of locking it up and throwing away the key. The Pont des Art in Paris is the most famous “love locks” bridge, but tourists in other cities have taken to the tradition as well. Initial and date your lock to forever leave your mark on your time abroad.


Single, seeking or satisfied, be sure to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Valentine’s Day in Europe. Take advantage of this time to make romantic memories with your better half, or to proudly declare your love for fine gelato. Either way, Valentine’s is a perfect excuse for a day of carefree flirtation with the charm traveling.

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