Bus2alps Books Top Rated Hostels

Experience why most hostels are better than 3 star hotels in Europe

Europe is the long standing mecca for young backpackers, travelers and curious students. As a result of this burgeoning population segment, European hostels have raised the bar in accommodation services and are now the preferred means of accommodation for independent travelers and group travel companies. Hostels are a better accommodation option because they bring together dozens of similar minded travelers in a sociable setting, they have friendly, well-traveled staff who provide the best information within that city, and in many cases the rooms are of higher quality than many hotels.

“I was skeptical when I booked a trip with Bus2alps and saw hostel room as my accommodation, but after having a perfect experience at the Czech Inn on my Prague trip, I booked hostels for all of my remaining traveling adventures,” said former Florida State  University, Florence study abroad student Abigail Bloom.

Hostels have long suffered a negative reputation due to pop culture misinformation. The hostel scene in Europe has gone through a revolution over the last decade, transforming themselves into the “it” accommodation Europe’s most popular cities for young travelers. Researching the internet will turn in results that prove hostels are not what Eli Roth depicts them as. A handful of companies and organizations, like Europe’s Famous Hostels and Hostelworld, have been established with the sole purpose of maintaining the qualities that makes hostels in Europe a more viable option than hotels. With such a large hostel network in Europe, and so many organizations maintaining their integrity, a hostel maintains a high level of fun, atmosphere, cleanliness, and friendliness. Bus2Alps only stays at hostels that have received a top rating from these resources.

Bus2alps stays at the best, and top rated hostels in each of their destination cities; Seven Hostel, Czech Inn, St. Christopher’s and Balmers to name a few.  Seven Hostel is located in the most ideal area in Sorrento Italy. They have picturesque panoramic terraces, modern facilities and a front desk that is open 24 hours a day in order to best help their guests. The Czech Inn in Prague provides guests with free wifi, wonderful rooms, and an unmatched atmosphere. Also, for travelers packing light the Czech Inn has electronic appliances or adapters readily available to borrow.  St. Christopher’s Hostel offers live music, a basement bar, a sauna and is located in the middle of 3 metro lines.

Travel with Bus2alps and stay at hostel accommodations that are world renowned, centrally located, clean and fun.

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