Bus2alps Travel Tip of the Week – Venice Carnival

Finding accommodation in Venice for Carnival is nearly impossible. There are multiple transportation options that arrive in the morning and early afternoon and depart after the festivities end at night.

Finding overnight accommodation in Venice for Carnival is nearly impossible. When we were study abroad students, several of us tried the overnight stay at the Venice Carnival and can attest to how much “FUN” it is to experience the Venice Carnival festivities from the comfort of your hotel located an hour of the Venice City Center, or in the sketchier neighborhood of Venice Mestre. Of course, you could try to stay on the main islands of Venice, but definitely not student budget or wallet friendly at all.

What does spending the night get you? The “JOY” of being left out of the private reserved  masquerade parties, bringing your night to an early end at 1am, leaving you with nothing left to do but trek back to your overpriced, shoebox room, or catch a wallet-breaking cab ride back to your off-the-island resort because, oh yea, public transportation stops running early in the night.

Of course there is a solution to all of this. Enjoy the Venice Carnival in 1 day. The big party starts in the afternoon and rages until close to midnight. There are many transportation options to get you and your wallet back and nestled into your bed. The first trains peace out of Venice (approximately 96 euro round trip) at around 5am, allowing you to curl up with a box of wine and have your own private party next to the train tracks, or you can hop on with Bus2alps and hitch a ride with us back right after the party ends.

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Loving a day trip to Carnival

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