The Easiest Gifts to Bring Home To Your Friends And Family

By Caley Fry

As the Fall is already in full swing, it’s hard not to think about the upcoming holidays’ that everyone loves and adores. Unfortunately, It’s becoming extremely difficult to ignore two inevitable facts: that the semester abroad is drawing to a close (sorry for the harsh reminder) and that the season of gift giving will be swiftly upon us.  

But don’t panic, you still have time to knock out your holiday shopping while in Europe, which means instantly cooler gifts for everyone on your list and this Bus2alps gift giving guide will help you with exactly what to buy along the way.

Pesto and/or Balsamic

Let’s start basic. I literally can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t be thrilled with some genuine Italian condiments in their stocking this Christmas especially from Cinque Terre, home of pesto focaccia. The gift of food is the gift that keeps on giving. I don’t know about you guys but my mom would be stoked to get a jar of high-quality, divine, Italian pesto. And your chances of enjoying the world’s best cuisine (and moms cooking) just skyrocketed.


Whether you’re studying in Florence or visiting for the weekend, stopping by the leather markets is a must. There’s no better gift than an authentic Florentine leather jacket straight from the heart and soul of leather.


There’s no better way to show how cultured you’ve become in your time abroad than by giving the gift of art. Walking through your city, you’re bound to stumble upon a delightful piece of artwork. Whether it’s in an art gallery or just simply walking through the streets, you can find amazing pieces of work everywhere in Europe.

Christmas Ornaments

I know it’s almost too cliché—but what about an ornament from the famous Christmas markets of Vienna, Salzburg or Prague? Game changer. Bringing back a bauble from these magical wonderlands of Christmas cheer will inspire reminiscences of hot mulled wine, giant Christmas trees and the sparkling arrays of Christmas accouterments that can only be found in Europe.

Swiss Chocolate

If you’re journeying to Interlaken before the season’s end, don’t come back without an assortment of Swiss chocolate. Passing out the world’s best chocolate to your friends at home will more than make up for being gone for so long as well as alleviate some of the burning jealousy they’ve been feeling over your semester-long adventures.


Photo by @visitcapriofficial

There’s no better gift from the Amalfi coast other than the famous Italian lemon liqueur itself, Limoncello. Teach your parents the Italian way with a shot of limoncello after dinner, this will be sure to take you back to the warmer days of the Amalfi coast during the frigid months of winter.


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