5 Items You Should Always Have In Your Travel Bag For Winter

Edited By Yasi Agah

When it comes to weekend trips and day-long excursions, packing light is the name of the game. But there are 5 essential items you should always carry especially during winter time. These items can either make your break your winter trip: 

Motion sickness pills

One second you’re a thrill-seeking, roller coaster-loving person who’s never once been motion sick, and the next you’re throwing up into the tote bag you got at the Trinity Library in Dublin because you’re on a slow-moving ferry. (Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.) Motion sickness pills will help you avoid this unfortunate and, um, totally hypothetical situation.

Umbrella and/or waterproof shoes

So the forecast is calling for warm and sunny days? Awesome! Except here’s the thing: sometimes the weather lies. Weather can be an unpredictable thing, particularly if you’re going anywhere coastal. It might seem like a hassle, but when the water is up to your ankles you’ll be glad you packed an umbrella and left the suede loafers at home.

Sunscreen and Lotion

If you do actually end up with a few blissful days of sun, don’t forget this absolutely necessary item. A high-waisted bikini is a cute idea until you fall asleep in the sun and are forever doomed to have the bottom half of your stomach be five shades lighter than the rest of you. Also, you can get burnt by the sun when its snowy and cold too, the sun is a powerful force that can still burn you even if its overcast. Don’t forget lotion too. Winter air will dry your skin out so stay on top of it so you can have silky smooth skin by the time spring rolls around.

Portable charger

How many times has your phone died when you’re traveling? Especially when you really needed it? You’ll never have to worry about your phone leaving you stranded in the middle of Europe again! Keep a portable charger on you and you’ll be prepared for anything.

Water bottle

Did you know you’re probably going to be more dehydrated during colder temperatures? Especially if you are in a destination that has a higher altitude, if you’re not chugging that water you could become ill. You lose all that water when you breathe in the cold air! Stay hydrated and keep a water bottle on you. Even a small one will do the trick. Drink up!

You won’t need to brace yourself for winter if you have these essentials in your travel bag. Happy travels and don’t forget to book your winter excursions with Bus2Alps! If you’re craving a winter wonderland in Europe, we got you covered.

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