Beach It Up!

By Jillian Giannelli

We have been super busy cramming these past few weeks.  Cramming for midterms, cramming in partying, but most of all cramming in traveling.  You have realized by now that your semester abroad is short.  Where did all those weekends go?!  Four months seemed like enough time to see everything and everywhere.  Well, this obviously isn’t the truth and that’s why we have help to prioritize your semester for you.  By now, you have probably hit up most of the big cities you’ve wanted to see.  Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam.  Perfect.  But, as we continue to stuff our faces with pizza and pasta we need to take a second to realize that beach season is upon us.

This is when things really get going.  Sure, Paris was great but like….get me to the beach already!  For now, we’re kind of getting a little antsy.  Yeah, it’s getting warmer but it’s still not appropriate to lay in front of the Piti Palace in a bathing suit.  That’s why we’re kicking beach season off with Greece.  Greece is the warmest place you’ll find in Europe this time of year and…well, it’s GREECE!  If you decided to visit 15 major cities during your spring break instead of coming Island Hopping with me and all my friends, you don’t have to panic.  That’s why we have Greece Long Weekend coming up!  Think pink.  Think college.  Think MTV spring break.  We’ll party at the pink palace, booze cruise around Corfu, and ride ATVs around the entire island!  A perfect weekend in the perfect place.

If you’ve still got some cramming to do or perhaps you’re just not bikini ready yet, we will be forgiving to that too.  Croatia, Amalfi, and the French Riviera are all right around the corner!  Croatia.  Words can’t even begin to describe.  White water rafting, a whole day at sea along the Dalmatia coast, and best of all, swimming in the Krka waterfalls.  Talk about pictures that will make all your friends jeal!

If you’re studying in Italy, or anywhere else for that matter, Amalfi Coast is a must visit destination.  Beaches for days, views that will take your breath away, and ride to the top of Anacapri that will make your jaw drop.  Plus experience a whole new culture of southern Italy!  It will feel like you’re in another country.  Come back with a tan and tell make tell your rents you want to go there on a family vacay.

The best word to describe the French Riviera is pristine.  It is the cleanest and one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit.  Heck, you might even want to move there.  If it’s the playground for the rich and famous, it should obvi be the playground for Bus2alps as well.  Roll the dice in Monte Carlo, lay on the pebble beach in Nice, explore the wonders of Eze, and wander through the markets in Antibes.  Come back home and tell people you partied on Kanye’s yacht.

Hope everyone is excited as I am for beach season!  And if you’re not bikini ready yet…you still have a couple weeks 🙂

Bus2alps is a student travel agency that offers various weekend, fall/spring/summer break and day trips to destinations throughout Europe and North Africa.  For more information on our trips, please feel free to visit our website here.

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