A taste of Switzerland – Interlaken

Hello, my name is Philippe, I grew up in Interlaken and lived most time of my life here. I want to give you a taste of Switzerland, my home country. Before I start you have do start the music under this link:
1) Plüsch – Heimweh

Perfect you listen know to a band originally from Interlaken called Plüsch. They are singing about their home sickness and about our wonderful region. The language is “swiss german” – very different to german. Interlaken is a small, beautiful and peaceful place in the world.

swiss flag
Here you can see the swiss flag, we swiss are very proud of are home country, which was founded in the year of 1291

Matten b. Interlaken (Switzerland)
I live in the town Matten b. Interlaken, the famous Balmers hostel (www.balmers.com) is also located in Matten and also Outdoor Interlaken is located there.

my house
Thats my house, the place where I live. It is from the 18th century.

View from Sulwald
Thats the view from Sulwald – the place where we go sledding a lot.

In winter we like to go snowshoeing.

A wonderful view in the summer, the Engstligenalp.

Hiking in the summer is realy wonderful in our region. Take the Gelmer cable car and enjoy this view. In the summer we go canyoning in this region.

river rafting lütschine
The River Rafting on the local river called Lütschine (class III/IV) is quite challenging.

Enjoy in winter a orginal swiss fondue in a warm chalet – outside it is cold.

A flight over Interlaken – yes we can!

We are looking forward to welcome you in Interlaken!

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