European Travel

Want to beat the crowds and visit cities during their best season?
Here are some insider tips to see and get the most of your time abroad.
Interlaken, Switzerland
The best deals for travel are at the end of January and beginning of March. This is also the best time for snow, short lift-lines, and activity availability. In February thousands of tourists descend on Interlaken and the surrounding villages as this is European school holiday time. February is usually sunny and warm on the mountains making  for great apres ski partying outside.   Interlaken is a world famous destination for adventure activities in winter like skiing, snowboarding and night-sledding. In summer canyoning and white water river rafting and skydiving and paragliding year round. It’s best to pre-book activities to ensure availability.
Munich, Germany
The obvious time to visit is Oktoberfest. Believe me there is nothing like it. Oktoberfest is an experience everyone should have ONCE.  Though, if hundreds of thousands of  obnoxious wasted tourists doesn’t sound like your idea of fun,  your in luck  because Munich is so much more than binge drinking in the Fall.  This city is beautiful all year long and there is tons to do. A must is visiting during Frulingsfest. This is Spring’s answer to Oktoberfest complete with beer tents, carnival rides and, authentic Bavarian culture.
Corfu, Greece
The ultimate spring break destination, Corfu has the landscape postcard makers dream of.  Nestled in the Ionian Sea legend has it this is where Poseidon fell in love and no wonder. Corfu is home to the Pink Palace, one of the most famous hostels in the world.  You will never forget your time there that is of course, if you can remember it in the morning. With cliff diving, boat trips, and ATV tours you can explore all Corfu has to offer. With warm beach weather beginning in late March get a jump start on your tan and have an Easter beach holiday or a Greek Island spring break!
Athens, Greece
Visit one of the oldest cities in the world and the location of the birth of democracy. Athens architecture is probably the most recognized in the world but nothing beats witnessing it first-hand.
Vienna & Salzburg, Austria
Everyone has seen the “Sound of Music” but have you experienced it in 3D?  This is the birthplace of Mozart and home to one of the most famous opera houses in the world. My favorite thing to do is to sit in one of the beautiful gardens with a coffee and a special cake from a local shop and people watch.
Budapest, Hungary
Ask anyone who knows anything and they will tell you the most beautiful city in Europe is Budapest ( or at lease one of the top 5).  Plus there are the thermal baths, an awesome thing to do and  steeped in tradition, but not for the shy. Be prepared to see a menagerie of body parts 😉
Prague, Czech Republic
My personal favorite city (besides Budapest). This city has it all from breathtaking architecture in almost every style to un-matched nightlife. Party in multi-floored nightclubs like Karlovy (my favorite) and drink beer thats cheaper than bottled water.

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