A scoop of America in Trastevere: Old Bridge

It’s inevitable, you’ll miss some things about home during your semester abroad and, of course, once you get home you’ll miss some things about Europe. Gelato will be one of those things, guaranteed. Old Bridge gelato, specifically. Because as someone who prides himself on knowing a good cone of gelato from the watered down, artificial tasting stuff, Old Bridge is pretty much constantly on my mind. The new peanut butter gelato…good lord.

You may know by now that peanut butter is incredibly tough to find in Europe, so when I caught wind that Old Bridge was using one of the greatest (and most American) flavors of all time for their latest gelato, it was game over. Don’t get me wrong, all of their gelato flavors are phenomenal and it’s a lock that you won’t find anything that compares in the States. Whereas I used to strictly be a pistachio guy, ever since Old Bridge peanut butter entered the ring it has been a total knock out and no other places have it. Trust me, I know because I’ve walked around Trastevere looking for it.

Old Bridge is already known for their generous portions. For a small cone you can choose three flavors. The size of the small cone is as big as a large from any other ice cream place in Rome.

The best part? Recently Old Bridge has partnered up with Bus2alps, so Monday  through Thursday Old Bridge offers small cups or cones for 1 Euro. I’ll say it again: the best flavor of the best gelato in Rome is all yours for a single for four days of the week. Perfetto!

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