Guest blogger- Best Christmas Markets in Europe

By: Sophie Morgan

We all know that Christmas celebrations are different in countries abroad. Across Europe, every country has its own unique traditions. In different parts of Germany, Advent is a four week celebration beginning in November to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Christmas crib is seen in many parts of Italy as well as in southern European countries like Portugal and Spain. Christmas Markets are the highlights in popular destinations like Vienna in Austria or Munich in Germany. 

If you are looking for a great holiday shopping experience, why not try Christmas Markets across Europe? That will certainly give you distinct experiences in every country. Here are some unusual yet popular Christmas shopping destinations for in Europe.

1. Ludwig, Germany

At this popular European destination one will find market places of the traditional Baroque style.  It gives a historic and romantic flavor with the churches illuminated in festive lights and majestic angels over the market stands.

2. Prague, Czech Republic 

This city offers two famous Christmas Markets located at the Old Town Square and the Wenceslas Square. The festive scenes are decorated with wooden huts which have Christmas trees and even small zoos. Here, you can pick up hand crafted items like jewelry, puppets, dolls and delicate embroidered lace to take back home.


There are gourmet delights to be savored while shopping like braided pastries rich in raisins (vánocvka), biscuits of rum and nuts (vosí hnízda) as well as gingerbread flavored with honey.

3. Antwerp, Belgium

These Christmas markets also have a romantic element. Lights surrounding wooden huts, ice rinks to try out your skates and classical music set the ambiance perfectly for the holiday season.

4. Stockholm, Sweden

The Old Town in Stockholm has four markets for Christmas which attract visitors from the world over. It is so much more than a mere holiday shopping experience.  Famous and traditional Swedish products are handmade at the market on Djurgården Island.

You will be shopping a midst church bells chiming, walking on cobble stones as you look at the delectable treats which are offered at these oldest Christmas markets across Europe. We could find the enticing aroma of chestnuts roasted on open grills by the roadside. You can savor the mulled wine here along with oven fresh bread.

5. Budapest, Hungary

There are impressive traditional celebrations in Budapest that have a ton to offer. You can get to taste local cuisine, check out nativity scenes and folk dances and even join in with the caroling. The Fashion Street offers shopping deals and make sure to stop by the Gerbeaud Cafe for amazing window displays and delicious mulled wine in souvenir cups.

6. Brussels, Belgium

This city is famous for the cuisine it offers. If you are more of a gourmet treat person, this is the place for you. You can get your hands on Belgian chocolates, buy handmade goods and craft ware, indulge in French olives, sugared doughnuts and steaming plates of snails and moules-frites.


7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark has idyllic Christmas markets with an impressive four-mile stretch of designer Christmas lights. Stroll by the painted stalls filled with wooden dolls and porcelain. And warm up with Danish mulled wine or an apple dumpling to ward off the chills.

8. Strasbourg, France

One of the oldest markets in Europe, visitors have a lot to experience. Carol choirs and plays of nativity scenes provide some entertainment. The markets around the Notre Dame Cathedral are composed of wooden stalls stacked full of figurines and ornaments. There are also lots of local delicacies like cookies or the thin pizzas with delectable toppings for visitors to try.

Many Christmas markets are already underway and many begin the first week in December. However, you shouldn’t wait to make your travel plans to these beautiful winter destinations. Find flight details and get moving on your plans soon!

Author bio:
Sophie Morgan is a passionate blogger and an experienced traveler. Presently, she works on behalf of Easyjet to make the process of air travel simple and quick.

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