A Late Night Guide to Food in Florence

Whether you were out clubbing all night at Yab or Space, enjoying a pint at Lion’s Fountain, or up late studying (less likely, but hey it happens), when you are hungry, you are hungry.  End of story.  Here are a couple of places that can help fulfill those 3 am cravings.


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Sweet baby Jesus, kebabs are the New York Yankees of drunk food, the king of late night Florence food.  There are a couple of places where you can find these bad boys.

Voglia di Kebab (Doner Kebab) -Volta di san piero 9 – At just 3.50 euros for a kebab, Doner is right outside of Lion’s Fountain and has one of the best kebabs in town.

Mesopotamia Kebab – Piazza Salvemini #14 – Similar to Doner, 4.50 euros for a kebab, but no french fries in the kebabs, but still a good kebab as well

Istanbul Kebab – Via De’ Benci 18/R – After singing karaoke at Red Garter, head over to Istanbul Kebab for a large kebab for 5 euro


Tina Fey Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza?  Tina Fey and I both love it that’s for sure.  There aren’t a number of post bar pizza shops like back home as most of them are closed, but fear not there is a pizza window that is open 24 hours.

Fo’caccia La Notte – Via Verdi 43R – Right across the street from Pino’s famous sandwiches, there will be a number of fresh slices ready for you to devour in all of its greasy goodness.

Secret Bakeries


Do you think that this Nutella croissant looks amazing?  Well if you don’t, you’re tacky and I hate you.  For everybody else that is sane, something this good can be yours after a late night from one of the many “secret bakeries” around Florence.  The bakers are cooking the next day’s pastries around the time that you are heading home and will hook you up with some fresh, hot, delicious treats.  While it is not entirely “legal”, as long as you stay quiet, they will be more than willing to feed you.  I won’t give you addresses as half of the fun is finding the best places, but when in doubt, follow your nose and you’ll be able to smell one not too far away.

There will always be something for you to crave the late night munchies and here are a few to help you guys satisfy those needs.  Stay hungry my friends.


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