Fiera Del Cioccolato Artigianale

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Unless you’ve been hiding out under a rock, you should know that the chocolate festival has come to Firenze. If you’re a sugar addict like myself, this may have been on your radar for a while now. For the next week, you can take a stroll onto Piazza Santa Maria Novella from 10 AM to 8 PM and eat chocolate treats to your hearts content. Don’t be mistaken either, this isn’t your average Russel Stover chocolate. Artisans from all over Italy and throughout Europe come to Florence and showcase their confectionary works of art.

From simple truffles to high heeled shoes sculpted from milk chocolate, these chocolatiers are incredibly impressive. What’s better? They’re very generous with their samples. Although I definitely reccommend purchasing something you try at the festival, it’s worth a visit for the samples alone. Take a peek below of other delicious chocolate masterpieces you can expect:


There will be several different events held injunction with the chocolate festival including chocolate face painting and a chocolate and grappa tasting; all festival information can be found here. Fieral del cioccolato will be in Santa Maria Novella until February 15th; if you happen to be single and find yourself throwing a pity party on Valentine’s day, head to the festival and pick up a chocolate covered waffle on a stick ; you will soon be introduced to what real, unconditional love feels like, I promise (see below)IMG_0949

Enjoy this delicious festival while you can, Florentines! 







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