All The Reasons Why You’ll Fall In Love With Cinque Terre

By Emily von Loesecke

 1. Wine

Cinque Terre is known for its wines, specifically dry white wines. Two of these famous wines include the Sciacchetrà, a prized dessert wine made from prime dried grapes, and limoncino, the all famous dessert wine made from steeping lemon peels in alcohol and then adding sugar and water to complete the potent mixture. Be sure to sip on either of these strong and savory drinks while basking in the views of coastal Italy. 

Cinque Terre 1

2. Views out of a painting 

Between the views of the Italian coastline and the colorful houses that collect in each of the five towns that make up the national park, Cinque Terre is an Instagrammer’s dream. Take in plunging cliffs complemented by the unique color of aqua that the ocean reflects. The colorful houses, originally uniquely painted so fishermen could easily see their homes while out at sea, top the natural beauty of the area.


3. Mouthwatering regional cuisine

If you eat any two things in Cinque Terre they have to be pesto and seafood. Basil, the base of pesto, grows plentifully in the climate of the Italian Riviera. Enjoy it on pasta, gnocchi, focaccia, or pizza. Seafood is as fresh as it gets along the coastline of these five towns. Many to-go restaurants will serve fried calamari, anchovies and other arrays of local seafood in a food cone. Don’t forget your food in the air picture!

Cinque Terre 3

 4. Breathtaking ocean-view hikes

Originally built for transportation between agricultural lands and the villages of Cinque Terre, the paths throughout the national park now make for a great day or weekend hike. Explore from town to town taking in the extensive view of the coastlines between the five towns.10308630_10152895524864126_8197168676555445264_n

5. Sandy beaches and blue waters

Paddleboard, swim or just lay out and relax on the sand covered beach in the town of Monterosso — you’ll deserve it after hiking from town to town. Buy your freshly blended spiked smoothie, pina colada, or daiquiri to sip on and enjoy!

Cinque Terre 5


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