Everything You Need To Know About Munich’s Springfest

So you’re going to Springfest! It’s not a question, but more of a statement. Springfest is a big event unlike any other in the world which is why we are going to give you pro tips so when you are there with your friends you guys can be Springfest locals. Here are the ins and outs of Munich Springfest:

The Hippodrom

The first thing you should know is that there are a few tents. The main tent is called the Hippodrom, this is where you’ll get your foodie on throughout the day. Buttery pretzels, classic meat and potatoes, and cheesy hotdogs… say no more.

The Augustiner

The other tent is the Augustiner which holds 6000 indoor and 2500 outdoor seats for the festival’s attendees. It is the oldest and most authentic tent in Theresienwiese (the fairgrounds). Springfest is significantly smaller than Oktoberfest and honestly, it’s going to make for a better time to make it a more genuine cultural experience. 

Need a break from tent hopping? 

There are also amusement rides surrounding the tents. Ferris wheel, swings, rollercoaster? Pick your poison. 

Food is Your Friend

You need something to soak up all of that beer if you’re going to make it through the day.

Steins contain two pints of beer

Being drunk off of “one beer” has a whole new meaning at Springfest.

Get there early

If you want a table for your big group of friends you will probably want to get there earlier in the morning. But like we said, the great thing about Springfest is it isn’t as crowded so less stress to save your spot.

What to wear

Beyond the cute pics of your friends with your pretzels and steins, the lederhosen or dirndls are really are that cherry on top. In case you didn’t know yet: lederhosen are the suspendered leather shorts and top and dirndl’s are the dresses. 

Bring Cash

Bring cash with you because it’s going to be the fastest way to get that beer in your hand! Also, some tents or waitresses may not accept credit cards. 

Now that you’re a pro, its time to show all your friends that you are the beer king you’ve always claimed to be. If you need more tips about Springfest, or how to get there Bus2alps has you covered. See you at Springfest!

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