4 Best Views of Barcelona

By Shannon Smith

From Gaudi’s awe-inspiring structures to simply walking through small, winding streets, Barcelona continues to capture the hearts of travelers from around the world. The Catalan capital is one of the most visited cities in the world for its culture, nightlife, and breath-taking scenery. Of course, the best way to view any city is from above. Barcelona boasts an unforgettable skyline, so why not see it from as many different perches as possible? We have compiled a list of the best places to catch a birds-eye-view of Barcelona.

  1. Mirador de Colón

mirador de colon

Although this is a very well-known lookout point, the view isn’t any less spectacular. The column overlooks the Gothic Quarter, La Rambla to the north, and Montjuic to the south and many other landmarks offering a 360° degree view of all that the Barcelona skyline has to offer. El Mirador de Colón was constructed in 1888 in honor of Christopher Columbus. Entrance to the mirador is 5.10€ for adults when purchased online.

2. Barceló Raval Hotel
barcelo raval

With a 360° degree view of the city, this hotel is a popular attraction for tourist and locals alike. Take in the spectacular view while you enjoy a glass of cava or a cafe con leche. The terrace is open to the public from 6:00 pm – midnight during the week, and from 6:00 pm – 1:00 am on weekends. To get the best seat you should arrive early and cozy up on one of the sofas with friends. Entrance to the Barceló Raval Hotel terrace is free.

3. Los Bunkers/Turó de la Rovira


Our favorite spot in Barcelona to catch the sunset (or sunrise for you night owls) is Los Bunkers! The hidden gem has been discovered by tourists but the view hasn’t become any less breathtaking. Although it’s a bit of a walk from the metro station (Alfons X, L4,) it is completely worth the view. Once there all of Barcelona will be on full display while you’re serenaded by locals playing the Spanish guitar while you share a bottle of vino tinto with friends.

3. Castle de Montjuïc


You’ll probably visit Montjuïc while in Barcelona for the evening fountain show but you’d be amiss not to go an hour early to scope these views by daylight. The building itself is a historical monument and the stunning view is equally impressive. You can catch a glimpse of the beach, the port, as well the Tibidabo. Entrance is free into the castle and for the fountain show.

4. Cathedral Le Seu

la seu

Last but not least is the view from the top of the Barcelona Cathedral, know as Le Seu, in the Gothic Quarter. The cathedral itself is stunning – something you won’t want to miss. After viewing the inside of the cathedral the elevator to the roof is on the left side, in the Capella de les del Animes Purgatori. Entrance is 6€ during peak hours which includes roof access.

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