4 Aperitivo Hot Spots in Flo Town

If you live in Italy and are not yet acquainted with the magic that is aperitivo, it’s time to get familiar. Florence is a haven for foodies and although its traditional dining options are something to talk about, the Florence aperitivo game is strong. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to accompany your pre-dinner cocktails or are just feeling like you can’t afford dinner tonight, check out one of the following for great drinks and an awesome spread.


Moyo is a hip bar right around the corner from Santa Croce that offers a laundry list of cocktails that give you access to a wide selection of quick bites. From coccoli, to little pizzas, to french fries and finger sandwiches, this place is great for groups of friends.

Soul Kitchen

Just up the street from Moyo, Soul Kitchen offers a bit of a heartier take on aperitivo. Great pasta dishes like penne alla vodka, pesto, and much more, not to mention a plethora of grain salads and meat plates.


I can’t say enough about this place. There are actually two locations in Florence and both are awesome. A really cool vibe, great sangria, and an amazing buffet have made me a regular here. I would not recommend planning an aperitivo here before a dinner as there is so much offered, including pastas, risottos, meats, and even fruit for dessert.


A beloved spot by young Florentine locals, Zoe was a place I had been hearing about my entire semester abroad so when I finally went, I had high expectations and was not disappointed. They offer smaller bites—which will still satisfy—but what you should really focus on sampling is all of their different types of Spritz cocktails. Switch things up with a Passion Spritz—a bit sweeter than the classic yet just as refreshing.

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