How to Deal with Post Study Abroad Depression

Now that you’ve returned home to America, one thing is all too prominent in your mind: that you just experienced the best 4+ months of your life and would do anything to do it all over again.  This is a normal thing and it is sad at first, but there are ways to overcome this sadness; here are some tips to overcome the reverse culture shock.

Take the action for your next travel experience

You will be spending a ton of your time back home looking at photos from your time abroad and will realize that you caught the travel bug and the only treatment is to get out there and see more of the world.  Looking at Pintrest, travel blogs, and Tumblr aren’t enough as you’ll just daydream about it and not take any action.  Buy the plane ticket and you’ll figure it out from there; couchsurf, ask friends for places to sleep, take free walking tours, and more. Another popular trend nowadays is to teach English abroad to help defray those costs.  The key is to just go for it, that’s the travelers’ mindset after all.


Keep in touch with your abroad friends

We live in a connected world through technology so keeping in touch is easier than ever.  From Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, texting, and more you can keep in touch with the amazing people that you shared the unforgettable memories with.  Even better, set up a reunion with everybody, whether it is in the States or in another country again; seeing everybody again will make for an awesome time.


Share your experiences with others 

People don’t understand and sometimes don’t want to hear all your awesome stories when they weren’t there to join; but studying abroad is a life changing experience so you should share it in a creative way.  Make a scrapbook, slideshow, video, or share a cooking recipe that you learned with your friends and family back home.


No matter how sad you will be that your time studying abroad is over, be happy that it happened and you were able to have such an amazing experience and get excited for your future travels and adventures!

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