Your Guide to an Unforgettable Halloween Weekend in Prague

What does your dream Halloween look like? Whether you love eerie backdrops, haunted strolls, over the top costumes, or just an excuse to have a boozy, fun night. Prague has you covered!

Catacombs or Bone Church

Start the weekend off with a trip to see the dead, as you venture under the town square to see the Prague catacombs. 

If you are feeling extra adventurous, make the short trip by train to see the Bone Church. This lavishly decorated cathedral is filled to the brim with human skeletons, including a massive chandelier that is composed of at least one of every human bone. Here, gothic architecture takes on a whole new meaning.


For my budget friendly, creative travelers, a DIY Halloween costume can be easily assembled at the Prague Thrift Store. Let your creative instincts guide you through the racks of clothes, shoes, and accessories. If you need foolproof, easy ideas, think nerdy tourist (because that’s not real life, right?), any decade like 70s, 80s, 90s, or prom nightmare (tacky or spooky, they both work!).

For those who want to go full-out in the perfect costume, Ptakoviny Karneval costume shop rents costumes for the weekend for under 20 euro including accessories. Check out the website before you go to reserve, or try on costumes in store. 


Sip on bloody cocktails next to a machete wielding Jason from Friday the 13th. Classic Horror film decor covers every inch of the bar from posters and life-sized figurines to themed drinks. This underground bar was made for Halloween.

You can’t leave without trying the oozing green syringe shot or grab a group of friends and take the 5 count bloody machete shot–like a ski shot, but not with a ski. 


You have your costume, you’re feeling spooky, and the drinks are starting to kick in. It’s time to head out to the massive extravaganza that is Halloween Wonderland at Lucerna Great Hall. The music venue is dripping in horror and lit up by fire and light shows throughout the night. Live zombies and costumed dancers hit the dance floor. Plus, the party lasts all night. 

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