Why this life rocks!

You have the coolest job ever! Anyone that works for Bus2alps has heard this. It is true, we do have the coolest job ever, but also the people saying this to us are studying abroad, and I must say their current job of living and studying in Europe ain’t too shabby either. Despite the constant reminder, it is easy to lose touch with just how sweet it is to do what you love. It is a job after all, and after being here for 4 years, it is easy to forget what made me begin this journey. Last night I attended my first meet up with the New York Snowboarding Club and was telling my story to a new friend. The story reminded me why I took a leap of faith to follow my dream, to do something I knew I would love. While my peers were putting on their suits and rubbing elbows with corporate America, I decided to take a risk on a job that at the time did not provide any guarantee of a stable future, that did not put me on a pedestal in the corporate rat race. It was the exact job I envisioned myself doing, not what society told me I should be doing. I took the job because I knew it would make me happy. It just so happened that I woke up this morning to a fun little video that really summed up my experience. Watch the video below and be inspired. Do what you love people! Travel the world, become a chef, write a blog. You are going to be more successful at what you most love.


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